DUMAS BEACH ( The beach which is known as horror beach) , Surat , Gujarat , India

DUMAS BEACH (The beach which is known as horror beach  )
Dumas beach is situated in Surat ,state of Gujarat. It is a  beautiful beach with 3km coastline with border of rocks(heavy rocks). It is 20km away from Surat city . Generally people visit this place to relax and chillax.It is also considered as third most haunted place in india. Honestly, in daytime no one can feel this haunted things because it is crowded place . Due to less lighting it feels unsafe in Dumas beach because Dumas beach is covers almost 5 km area which includes rocks , temples , small vendors , maggi shops and further more . Beach is considered to be safe in day time and also police station is very close to the beach . Roads are extended till beach.The entrance is gate made of two beautiful dinosaurs which looks adorable and adjacent to it there are small restaurant which serves  Chinese food as well as non veg .Dumas has two entrance one from the dinosaurs entrance and another is at infront of love temple which attracts so many couples and also in day time you will find this entrance to be more favorable. The love temple is painted beautifully and also at the top of the temple there is beautiful statue of an angel .To aware people to reduce plastic use , volunteer has made an rakshasa which is Fully made of plastic bottles which are thrown in the beach . Dumas is well developed village with amazing views which refresh our mind and soul . To go green Dumas village authority provides bicycles.There are others beautiful decoration in between roads to the beach . Horror story of the Dumas is bluff and has no reality it feels like horror at night due less lighting and huge farm houses covered with plants and trees. Name of Dumas beach is given on the basis of village name Dumas where it is situated. 
Dumas beach is best place for couples . It is also considered as lovers point . 


1. PICNIC: Generally person who visit with family they plan picnic.
2. CAMEL RIDING : Dumas beach is famous for camel riding and it is also cheap.
3.BIKE RIDING: On Dumas beach bike ride will be great fun and also again it is cheap.
4.LOVE TEMPLE: This is a place where couples generally visit and wish for their love life.
5. LOCAL FOOD: After roaming all around on beach you will be really hungry and dumas beach have plenty of local food restaurant.6. PHOTO SHOOT : Generally people visit here for photo shoot because this beach has beautiful views.
7. Visit here with friends :  If you have group of companion please visit them this will give u another level experience .
Near Dumas beach there are plenty of hotels to stay and this hotel are hygienic and cheap.

1.BY BUS :  From vr mall you can easily get Bus ,taxi and ola.( Vr mall is well known place in Surat )

1. Day time is most preferable because at night there is no lighting.
2 As there is no best season to visit Dumas beach but generally people choose summer season.


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