When we think of hill station our heart  fill with joy, relaxation and happiness because hill station are the place where we not only enjoy journey but we feel every moment . So lets take a glance on Matheran hill station .
Matheran hill station is situated in Raigad district in the state of Maharashtra in india. This hill station is located on western ghat .
Matheran hill station gives panaramic views of mountains,valley and also of  scenery.
Matheran hill station has 38 designated view point . It is also smallest hill station in india apart from this Matheran hill station is Asia only automobile free hill station. 
Matheran hill station is famous for its view point : 
1. Rambaug point
2. Mokey point
3. Heart point tree hill point 
5. Porcupine point 
Apart from this it is also famous for trekking. There are several trekking route :
1. Sunset point: For sunset point trekking start from Dodhani village .
2.Vikatgad route : This route is considered as most difficult route and this route start from mandappur .
3.Garbett point : For garbett point trekking start from sagachiwadi which is small village.
4.Rambaug point :  Trekking start from pokharwadi which is a small town towards rambaug point.
5.One tree hill : Trekking start from pokharwadi . 
Matheran hill station is best place for wanderers and person who loves journey more than destination.
It is small hill station with lots of tourists attraction. At Matheran apart from mountain,valley and scenery you can see different animals .
Every year thousands of tourists visit here to see beauty of this place . It is a once in a life experience . So just include it in your to do list .

By train : nearest railway station is neral railway station.
By air : Nearest airport is Chhatrapati Shivaji international airport which is 100 km away from Matheran.

Best month to visit Matheran ?
September to March is the best month to visit Matheran .

Another hill station to visit in  Maharashtra 

Lonavala :  It is a hill station situated in Pune in the state of Maharashtra in india .

Lonavala is famous for its candy known as chikki ( made of caramel with nuts) . It is beautiful hill station with mountains,hill and scenery. The name lonavala is derived from leni ( Prakrit, a resting place carved from stone) and avali ( Prakrit, series) . Lonavala is the part of yadava dynasty.
Lonavala hill station is home to INS Shivaji which is the  Indian Navy premier technical training institute. Lonavala hill station was discovered by lord Elphinstone in 1871 who was the governor of Bombay presidency at that time . Generally people prefer monsoon season to visit here but also it becomes dangerous in monsoon. Every year thousands of tourists visit here . It is a beautiful town with great scenery.

October to July is the best month to visit lonavala.

BY TRAIN: Nearest station is Pune railway station . 
BY AIR : Nearest airport is Pune international airport which is 65 km away from Lonavala and also Chhatrapati Shivaji international airport is near to the Lonavala which is 105 km away from Lonavala.
BY ROAD: you can use mumbai Pune expressway to visit lonavala.