Mysore palace( second most visited tourist place in india after taj mahal ) , Mysore, Karnataka ,india

India has so many beautiful monument like Taj Mahal, red fort , Mehrangarh fort, india gate , delhi gate , red fort of Agra , gateway of India and more . Everyone knows that Taj Mahal is most visited place in india but have you wonder who holds the second place ? It is a Mysore palace who holds the second place in the terms of visitor. Mysore palace is situated in Mysore in the state of Karnataka in india .
Mysore palace is the main centre of Mysore and also it is a official residence of wadiyar dynasty. It is a historical palace and royal residence with great Heritage . Architectural style of Mysore palace is same as gate way of India and Taj Mahal hotel in mumbai which has indo saracenic style . The construction of Mysore palace was started in 1897 which was commissioned by Maharaja Krishnaraja wodeyar and his mother Maharani Kempananjammani devi and whole temple was completed in 1912.
In past the first palace was made in 14th century by yaduraya but it was burnt in dussera festival in 1896. The palace was known as old palace or wooden palace which was burnt and also initially it was demolished and constructed multiple times. The place on which structure stands initially it was known as puragiri. Palace was royal seat of maharajas.
Mysore palace is surrounded by beautiful garden and other buildings.
Mysore palace has three gate which includes:
1. East entrance
2. South entrance
3. West entrance
From this three gates only south entrance is opened for public . 
Mysore palace was built in 30 million dollar and also it is B.P Raghavala naidu who was the executive engineer of construction.
It is a three storey building which is made of stone structure and also has 145 foot five storey tower. Length of main complex is 245 foot and has width of 156 foot . Mysore palace has a beautiful entrance on which ' na vibhati kadachan ' is written which means ' never terrified' .
There are 21 temples inside the palace and also king was worshipers of deity chamunda devi and this is the main reason that Mysore palace is facing towards chamunda hills.
Mysore palace has two durbar and also garden has dummy of wooden palace which was burnt in past , statue of lord  vishnu holding nag ( snake ) in his hands , statue of peacocks whose tail is made of flowers and statue of chamel. Every year more than 5 million tourist visit Mysore palace. It is the main site of attraction in Mysore . 

Best month to visit Mysore palace
June to January is the best month to visit Mysore palace.
Best season to visit Mysore palace
Monsoon and winter season is considered best season to visit.
How to reach at Mysore palace
By bus : you can book a Bus from Bangalore to mysore .
By air: Nearest airport is banglore international airport and from this station you will easily get Bus, taxi ,cab and buses.
By train: Nearest station is Mysore railway station and from this station you will easily get Bus and auto rickshaw till Mysore.


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