Lansdowne ( heaven on earth) , Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand, India

Uttarakhand is a beautiful state with so many tourists destination which includes ancient temples, national park , valleys, museum and hill station . But when we talk about hill station in uttrakhand then Lansdowne comes up first in our mind . Lansdowne is a hill station situated in Pauri Garhwal district in the state of Uttarakhand in India.
This hill station is located at 1780 m above sea level. Lansdowne is founded by lord Lansdowne and also named after him. Lansdowne is 45 km away from kotdwar . It is a beautiful hill station which gives panoramic view of valley , mountains, forest and trees .In winter season whole mountains in Lansdowne is covered with white snow which looks amazing.
Whole region is surrounded by thick oak and blue pine forest which increases the beauty of Lansdowne hill station. At present there is a command office of Garhwal rifles of Indian army. This hill station is also considered as quietest hill station in uttrakhand with amazing views.
During British period Britishers built building and churches which can be seen today also. During British period there was a road named as cool road ( Thandi sadak ) between jaiharikhal and Lansdowne where only European where allowed and for Indians there was a parallel road .
At Lansdowne there is a kaleshwar mahadev temple which is dedicated to deity shiva and tip and top view is also main attraction at kaleshwar mahadev temple which attracts tourists as well as devotees. Every year annual festival is held which is known as sharadotsav ( festival of autumn) .Lansdowne was a main center for business. Lansdowne is also known for its quality education. Every year millions of tourists visit here.
Places to visit at Lansdowne
1. Darwan Singh sanghralaya :  It is a museum with amazing artifacts . This museum has artifacts of world war 2 and other battles . Artifacts includes : 
1. Photographs 
2. Arm used by regimental commander
3. Captured weapons 
4. Campaign history
5. Medal 
6. Victoria cross

2. Tarkeshwar Mahadev temple: It is a temple dedicated to deity shiva and also this temple has amazing shivlinga and kund known as Gauri kund . This temple is situated 35 km away from Lansdowne . Generally devotees take bath in this Gauri kund and then enter into temple.

3. Jim Corbett National park:  It is a famous and oldest National park with 1318 km sqare  area . Chief minister trivendra singh rawat inaugurated this national park on 17 November 2017 . National park has amazing carnivorous animal and herbivores animals which includes:
1. Bengal tiger
2. Leopard
3. Deer 
4. Elephant
5. Bear 
It also includes other animals.

4. Kanvashram :  It is a main attraction for Hindus because according to lengends shakuntala gave birth to bharata whose husband was a dushyanta . Kanvashram is located 14 km away from kotdwar railway station.

5. Durga Devi temple : It is a temple and also oldest sidha pithas and located 24 km from kotdwar. Temple is dedicated to goddess Durga. 
6. Jwalpa devi : It is a temple which is located 47 km from kotdwar. It is also one of oldest sidha pithas .
7. Old cemetery: It is a cemetery which is considered as most haunted place in Lansdowne.
8. Lovers lane 
9. Bhullatal lake 
10. St. Mary church
11. Bhairav gharhi temple
12. Bhim pakora 
13 . War memorial 

 Best month to visit Lansdowne
September to July is the best month to visit Lansdowne.

Best season to visit Lansdowne
Monsoon season is the best season to visit Lansdowne.

How to reach at Lansdowne
By train : Nearest station is kotdwar railway station which is 45 km away from Lansdowne and from this station you will easily get taxi,bus and local transport till Lansdowne.
By air : Nearest airport is Jolly grant airport which is 155 km away from Lansdowne and also from  this airport you will get other public transport till Lansdowne.
By road : NH - 119 is well connected with Lansdowne so you can visit Lansdowne by using this national highway.