Shivkalin khedegaon( model village of India ) , Pratapgad , Satara , Maharashtra

Shivkalin khedegaon is a model village ( village with statues) situated in Satara district in the state of Maharashtra in india.
This village is situated on the way of Pratapgad fort . Also shivkalin khedegaon shows the life of villagers during maharaja shivaji reign.
This is a 17th century village which exhibits the daily life of villagers.
Village is surrounded by lush green scenery. Shivkalin khedegaon model village is also known as artificial village and also whole village is created by a single person . There are statues which depicts daily life of villagers in shivkalin khedegaon which includes :      shepherd handling there sheep's.
There is a bullock cart made up of wood and artificial bulls . 
There are numbers of hens and their chicks  eating rice which are spread on the ground.
Village shows the maratha culture and depicts the trade and family life . There are statue of cobblers making shoes and repairing footwear.
Villagers gathering around a fire to gossip or talking about whole day with other villagers.
Statue of woman bringing up water from the well with traditional mechanism built around well ( kuwa).
Statue of woman carrying a pot on the head in indian style.
 Statue of woman starting their day by morning prayer .
Statue of villager blowing up trumpet and having sword on side .
There are statues of cows eating grass .
 This model village shows type of profession of villagers in maharaja shivaji reign. Village comprises statue of Potter making utensils from soil .
Statues of woman preparing rotis ( chapati) for their family .
At the starting point of this model village, there is a statue of guard ( pehredar) holding sword and bhalaa( javelin) .
Village consist statue of womans wearing bangles .
 Statue of Villagers singing song ,playing instruments and dancing.
There are statues of woman taking out chaff from paddy .
Statues of blacksmith making utensils from iron .
Village also consist statue of carpenter .
There are villagers preparing grass for their animals .
Villagers making wooden wheel for the bullock cart.
Shivkalin khedegaon represents the culture, daily life , family life and profession of villagers of 17th century . It is a replica of old village. Every year thousands of tourists visit this place . 

How to reach at shivkalin khedegaon
By train : Nearest station is Diwan khavati railway station and from this station you will easily get Bus,taxi and auto till this village.
By air :  Nearest airport is Pune international airport and from this airport you will easily get Bus, taxi and cab .
By bus : Nearest bus stop is dhilar bus stop.

Price of tickets in shivkalin khedegaon
100 rupees per person including guide.

Best time to visit shivkalin khedegaon
As there is no best time and also this village is opened from 10am to 5 pm for whole week.

Best month to visit shivkalin khedegaon
September to March is best month to visit shivkalin khedegaon.