Sidhbali temple ( temple with amazing followers ), kotdwar , India

Kotdwar is a beautiful city with great history and this city is known for its sidhbali temple which is 2km away from kotdwar city . Sidhbali is a temple which is dedicated to lord hanuman.
The temple is surrounded by huge forest and with oaks. kotdwar is situated in Pauri Garhwal district in the state of Uttarakhand in india. Kotdwar is also known as kalunanda which means black hill . At sidhbali temple every year thousands devotees visits for darshana ( holyview) . 
Kotdwar also known as gateway to garhwal. It is the main entrance to Uttarakhand . Kotdwar was founded on 1890 . Initially it was a isolated city but when Britishers built rails in 1890 the scenario of this city changed drastically. Kotdwar city is located on the bank of river khoh.
According to legend there was a saint who lived here and he was a worshipers of lord Hanumana . This saint established statue of lord hunumana on mountains. During British period there was a muslim officer . He was wandering around this region and got tired , to rest he sat near statue while resting he asleeped , he saw a dream of hanuman temple  . So he gathered all villagers and said about this dream. So villagers built hanuman mandir ( temple ) in this region.
Every year at this temple religious feast is organised . Sidhbali temple is also known as miracle temple . Devotees from abroad also visit here to take holy view of this temple .

How to reach at sidhbali hanuman temple
By train : Nearest station is kotdwar railway station and from this station you will easily get local transport or State bus till this temple ,bus ,taxi,cab and auto rickshaw.
By bus : kotdwar is well connected with state buses you can book this bus to visit sidhbali temple.
By air : Nearest airport is Jolly grant airport which is 110 km away from kotdwar and from this airport you will easily get state transport,taxi ,buses, cabs till city and auto rickshaw.
By road : National highway 119 is well connected with kotdwar and also buses from delhi to kotdwar are easily available .

Best month to visit sidhbali temple
October to April is best month to visit sidhbali temple and during this month temperature varies between 3 to 25 degree Celsius.

Best season to visit sidhbali temple
Winter season is the best season to visit sidhbali temple.