Wilson hill station also known as mini Saputara , Gujarat , india

Gujarat is known for so many things like it's famous cuisine , street foods which covers khavsa , dhokla , tepla , hadwa, pani puri ( golgappe or water balls ) , navratri nights , sarees , diamonds , patan na patola , ran of katch and also our prime minister Shri Narendra Modi belongs to gujrat . Gujarat has so many beaches like Dumas beach , ubhrat beach , suhali beach and tithal . Apart from this gujrat also has beautiful  hill station like Saputara , don and Wilson hill station. 
Wilson hill station is known for its beautiful scenery , mountains , temples , waterfall and silent nature .Wilson hill station is far from the city chaos and gives amazing feeling to an individual. Wilson hill station is situated in the state of Gujarat in india near to barumula and Dharampur tahsil. It is covered by dense forest and also it is close to pangari wildlife sanctuary .
It is situated at the elevation of 675 m ( 2215 feet ) . When we take a look to a history of Gujarat , according to the historians the  Wilson hill is name after lord Wilson governor of Mumbai ( 1923 to 1928) by vijay devji( the last king of Dharampur). Small farms , beautiful vegetation and friendly villagers increases the beauty of hill station . Wilson hill is also known as mini Saputara ( situated in dang district ) but as compared to Saputara Wilson hill has less viewing point . The reason people visit here is the journey which is more important than destination. However, personally I prefer journey more than destination and Wilson hill is also special because only few hill station have glimpse of sea from the hills . The roads are narrow and curvy which gives thrill when you are riding bikes.
Mostly tourist visit in summer time to feel the weather and to eat local delicious mangoes. At the top of the hill there is a barumula temple dedicated to a deity shiva . At top of the hill  there are few restaurant and shops and also if you are non veg lover than few km before you will get small non veg restaurant. In monsoon , whole sky get covered with white snow like cloud and rain is showering whole day .The scenery of the hill becomes more beautiful and gives amazing views of the valleys . Every year hundred of people visit this place . Wilson hill station is best place for one day trip .

Major attractions of the Wilson hill
1. Baramula temple 
2. Marble chatri
3. Khoba waterfall
4.shankar waterfall 
5.lady Wilson museum

Things to do in wilson hill station
1. Trekking  
2. Photoshoot
3. Bike riding 
4. Visit waterfalls

Best season to visit wilson hill station 
Summer and monsoon season is the best season to visit Wilson hill station.

How to reach at will station
By train :  There is no rail line so you can't visit 
this place by train.

By air :  Surat and Mumbai airport is the nearest airport which is 100 km and 180 km away from the Wilson hill station respectively.

By road :  You can use state buses and also you can use own bike and car .

Some of the nearest city , district  and town to the Wilson hill station
1.Ahmedabad - 480 km
2.surat - 125 km 
3. Barumula - 19 km
4. Nashik - 144 km
5. Navsari - 80 km
6. Valsad - 54 km
7. Saputara - 125 km
8. Chikhli - 54 km
9 Dharampur -  24 km


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